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AI Vs Professional Copywriter

There’s a lot of talk – and opinions – about the use of artificial intelligence (AI) these days. It’s been around for decades and used for everything from self-driving cars to chatbots. There’s an application in pretty much every industry, and it’s being taken to whole new levels for individual use.

I recently tried out an AI platform where I could upload a few selfies and personal photographs, and for only $17, I received 100 professional headshots within 10 hours. The result was mixed. A few pictures were great (they made me look young and vibrant), and others showed me with different skin colours. My daughter didn’t believe any looked like me, but it made for a few chuckles.

Some people believe that AI is taking over the world and will eliminate the need for humans. But there’s no replacing human emotion. Only a professional photographer will capture your true essence in what may look like one click of a button, but years of experience and practice go into that moment.

Likewise, when it comes to copywriting or content creation, we’ve had spell-checking tools for years. Still, now that AI understands language context, it’s gone to a whole new level, leaving some copywriters concerned they may be replaced.

Understanding AI writing software is simple. Depending on the software you use, you tell it what you want, and it will give you the answer. So, when I typed in “blog post ideas about cat toys,” I got the following – extensive – list of ideas from AI software:

  • “10 DIY Cat Toys Your Feline Friend Will Love”
  • “The Science Behind Cat Toys: Understanding Your Cat’s Natural Instincts”
  • “The Best Interactive Cat Toys for Playful Cats”
  • “Eco-Friendly Cat Toys: Sustainable Alternatives Your Cat Will Enjoy”
  • “How to Choose Safe and Durable Cat Toys for Your Pet”
  • “The Benefits of Playing with Your Cat: Why Toys Are Important for Your Cat’s Health and Well-Being”
  • “The Top 5 Most Popular Cat Toys of the Year”
  • “The Ultimate Guide to Catnip Toys: How They Work and Which Ones Are Best”
  • “The Importance of Rotating Your Cat’s Toys: Keeping Playtime Fresh and Exciting”
  • “The Psychology of Cat Toys: Understanding Your Cat’s Playtime Preferences”

Whether you’re a professional copywriter or an occasional blogger, sitting in front of a blank screen is tough, especially if you’re under a deadline. AI can help get you started. There are many pros and cons for both and I’ve shown a few in the chart below.

AI is helpful for brainstorming ideas, marketing or product research, writing short content, and creating outlines. It can be a huge timesaver when it comes to productivity. But there will still be work to be done – by you. You need to mix in your creativity and perspective for impact and to ensure you’re meeting the expectations of your readers.

There is no denying that human writing is more engaging. Even though AI is a valuable tool, it can’t tell stories. AI is great for sharing information and facts, but the art of storytelling is still all yours and is a crucial element for good writing.

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