Beyond Your Brilliance

Private 1-Day Intensive

In one day you can...

Your Business Will Grow Faster If You’re NOT Going It Alone!

 It’s time to look Beyond Your Brilliance to discover new opportunities, have a greater impact, and see more profits!

  • Push past your fears to work your business differently.
  • Uncover new income potentials.
  • Increase your “expert” status in your market.
  • Create more flexibility and freedom in your life.
  • Achieve your definition of success.


“A comprehensive, yet simple, process…enhanced by well-designed templates and a wealth of resources and information.”

During your private session, perhaps you’d like to:
  • Create new products or services.
  • Map out your Signature System.
  • Create a social strategy aligned with your brand messaging.
  • Plan your next level of growth.
  • Map out your Signature System.
  • Host a live or online event(s).
  • Become a published author – we’ll organize and outline your book.
  • Discover new income potentials you hadn’t considered.
  • Create an entirely new brand that is aligned with your passions.
  • Position yourself to attract higher-end clients and profits.
  • Or something else specific to build your business (let’s talk).

By the end of the day, you’ll have a workable action plan for your business plus key marketing messages, pricing strategies, launch dates, and so much more. Operating and marketing your business will be simplified, streamlined, and highly effective.

  • Gain more confidence, courage, and clarity to step outside your comfort zone.
  • Eliminate overwhelm, confusion, and fear and feel energized, inspired, and excited.
  • You’ll leave with action steps and a plan to implement it immediately.
Beyond Your Brilliance
Beyond Your Brilliance

Your VIP Day includes:

  • One-on-one private session from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
  • Pre-day 30-minute strategy call to assess direction for day.
  • Pre-day homework to be completed before session.
  • Comprehensive resource guide with handouts, check lists, templates, and bonus material as required.
  • Morning coffee/tea service with snacks.
  • Nutritious lunch.
  • Two 30-minute follow up strategy calls to be used within 14 days to ensure you stay on track.

The Private One Day Intensive takes place in St. Joseph, Ontario (between Grand Bend and Bayfield on the Lake Huron shores) but arrangements can be made at your location or virtually.

Whether you realize it or not, you take your clients through a system or process that transforms them from Point A (stuck in their problem) to Point B (where they want to be). They have a problem. You provide the solution that suits your business model and their needs. That’s using your brilliance!

Let’s talk…and together we’ll see if this is the right program for you and your business.

Happy Clients

Elle Reg

I have had the pleasure of working with Susan over the years for general copywriting and business coaching. When I finally had a clear vision of the direction I wanted to go with my new business, I knew Susan would get me off to the right start.

I took her Beyond Your Brilliance VIP day and what I left with was really beyond what I expected. We dove deep into every little detail and covered so much ground. Susan helped me come up with strategies to work on in the months after and has worked with me closely to get me to the place I am now, which is a business I am proud to call my own. I could not have done this without her expertise. She is so knowledgeable on so many levels. From the ins and outs of client strategies to strategic goal planning that will gain you the confidence to know exactly what and why you are doing the things you need.

Elle Reg
Laurie Hawkins

Beyond Brilliance Business Retreat…
Are you hoping to take your business a new level of success? Do you ever feel stuck when it comes marketing? Well I answered yes to both these questions and that left me with making a choice to follow through on those needs and invest some time with the expert Susan Regier. I had been to Sue’s mastermind seminar a few years ago and it helped move my business forward. I knew I needed something more for the next year, though once I put my plan in place one big area of challenge & opportunity emerged. It was how to ensure all messaging programs and energy are aligned with the expectation to get organized. To really be ready to live in a bigger way in the year ahead. What I experienced were very key “aha” moments with Sue. She forced me to look at life differently and therefore truly connect with where desires could become reality. I am confident in the conviction that she will help others. I am so fired up this by storm of opportunity. I highly recommend this personalized retreat. Thank you very much for helping, Beyond Brilliance!

Laurie Hawkins
Janet Christensen

Underpinning the day is a comprehensive, yet simple, process to follow, enhanced by well-designed templates and a wealth of resources and information. However, what sets this day apart, is the synergy of collaboration created by working with Sue. Her ability to challenge me to think big, clarify details and outcomes, and stimulate creativity facilitated looking at the big picture and drilling down to develop specifics and a well thought plan. The result for my business is a dynamite signature program with an array of products and services that I am excited about creating and implementing. Now this will be at the core of my business and take it up not one, but several levels.

If you want to take your business up several levels, I highly recommend treating yourself like a V.I.P. and working with Sue.

Janet Christensen
Leanne Dargie

After completing the Beyond Your Brilliance one day program with Susan, I felt confident my goals and actions were going to be successful. Susan gave me so many ideas and tools to enhance my website, packages, and email opt-in sign ups. She also helped me schedule time to action my new ideas and to stay focussed. After only a couple of months, I have doubled my email list, had repeat client visits, and sold larger packages, all because of the great insight she gave me in one day! Thanks Susan…you’re amazing!

Leanne Dargie
Transformation Maven of Lesada