Strategic Storytelling for Client Attraction

Discover how you can use storytelling to attract more clients and increase profits.

Great stories inspire, invoke wonder, and engage.

In this course, learn how to write strategic, powerful stories for marketing yourself, as well as products, in order to engage your audience, stir emotion, and entice action. Brand storytelling is vital to the success of your brand because of its connection-building power. Powerful connections create loyalty and trust with your potential customers, which are two things you can’t buy!

Lesson 1: The 3 Types of Storytelling for Client Attraction

Storytelling is a great way to communicate your brand message. In this lesson, we’ll review the three types of stories and how to use storytelling to attract more clients in your business.

Lesson 2: Creating Your Story to Showcase Your Expert Status

In this lesson, learn how to share your personal story with your audience in a way that is compelling and unique to your journey.

Lesson 3: How to Get More Mileage Out of Your Bio

In this lesson, learn how to format and draft your story for use on your website so it engages your audience and entices them to action.

Lesson 4: The 2 Big Storytelling Mistakes

Discover the 2 big storytelling mistakes that can actually drive customers away and how you can easily avoid them.

Lesson 5: The 5-Step Formula for Engaging Stories

In this lesson, the five-step formula for writing customer stories with messages that will stick in the minds of your audience and prospects.

Lesson 6: Setting the Scene

Discover how to use sensory details to create believable, recognizable characters and establish the scene of action in your brand stories.

Lesson 7: Editing Your Stories

In this lesson, you’ll learn how to quickly and easily edit your stories to hook readers from the first sentence and keep their interest alive to the very end of your story.

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