How to Write a Media Release

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Everything You Never Knew About Spinning Up Publicity For Your Business

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Since 1997, I’ve been helping entrepreneurs get seen and heard in newspapers, trade journals, magazines, on the radio, and on television. As a copywriter, I’ve helped my clients get front-page exposure in newspapers and in premium columns in magazines…I’ve even had Jay Leno’s The Tonight Show contact me about booking one of my clients after reading a media release I wrote.

This isn’t rocket science. It starts with a newsworthy idea – and a well-written media release (aka press release or news release).

Media Release Handbook

First, you need to understand that publicity is not about you! It’s about giving editors what they need to create a strong story. In other words, you’re making their job easier by giving them exactly what they need to write a compelling piece…and getting free publicity for your business as a bonus.

A media release is often your only opportunity to make a great first impression and capture media attention. But newspapers, magazines, trade publications, television, and radio receive truckloads of them!

So, how do you make your media release stand out?

And how can you get additional mileage out of your media release?

360° Media Release Handbook: Everything You Never Knew About Spinning Up Publicity For Your Business

I was very impressed with the 360° Media Release Handbook. I found this product to be clearly written with simple instructions and excellent examples that allowed me to write a media release that was newsworthy! I recently used this product and was amazed by all of the responses that I received within one month including multiple newspaper articles; a full-page story on our company, as well as a TV spot. This free advertising has brought a lot of publicity and new clients to our business.

– Kevin Seyler, Kevin Seyler Mindfulness

360° Media Release Handbook gives you the total spin you need to know about getting publicity, including a simplified step-by-step writing template from attention-grabbing headline to the ### (-30-). (Not sure of these terms? Check out this handbook – it’s a necessary component of your media release.)

Inside the 360° Media Release Handbook, you’ll discover:

  • Who your audience really is – and it may not be who you think. (Page 10)
  • The two BIG MISTAKES that guarantee your story will never get you any publicity. (Page 5)
  • An easy way to create powerful headlines that captures attention. (Page 24)
  • How to build a targeted list of media actively looking for stories about your industry. (Page 12)
  • Guidelines for sending your media release to get the best response rates. (Page 30)
  • How you can use your media release to drive traffic to your Web site. (Page 15)
  • How to uncover a newsworthy angle in your business that will capture media attention. (Page 5)
  • When you need a media kit and how to put it together. (Page 38)
  • Tips for talking with the media that most people neglect. (Page 34)
  • What you need to know when working with photographers. (Page 37)
  • How to recycle your media release to get more mileage out of it. (Page 40)

The 360° Media Release Handbook includes exercises and samples of actual media releases I’ve written to use as a template so you can easily create your own and start spinning up publicity for your business – or for your clients – today. Plus, you’ll receive an MP3 download of 360° to accompany the ebook and listen on the go.

Media Release Handbook

75 Brainstorming Ideas to Spin Up Publicity

Discover Newsworthy Ideas to Get You in the News
Knowing who your real audience is and finding an angle that will stand out in the sea of media releases that cross an editor’s desk can be a daunting task, especially when you think that everything about your business is exciting…or not. When you purchase the 360° Media Release Handbook, I’m gifting you my free report where I list 75 ideas that will get the ideas spinning so you can find a new angle to write about…or take a common idea and make it unusual. Absolutely free!

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I recently purchased Susan’s 360° Media Release Handbook and was astounded at the results I received after writing my first media release. I’m a knitter, not a writer, but after going through this guidebook, it was a simple process to write a media release that got attention. Within three months, I was profiled on Rogers TV, the London Health Science Centre website (proceeds from my work help support the Breast Care Program at St. Joseph’s Hospital), and in the London Tourism’s “Find It In London” video series. Another story will soon be published in a community newspaper. The free publicity I received has really helped create awareness for my business during these tumultuous times. Susan Regier also offers so many workshops to assist with your business growth. I will forever be a loyal fan.

– Terry Woods, KNITS by Terry Louise Woods