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5 Ways You May Be Giving Away Your Power In A Sales Conversation

There are a lot of considerations that go into pricing your products and services, including the value you offer, your expertise, and what your market will bear. And when you know you’re priced right and prospects show great interest – but you’re struggling to make a sale, it could come down to your Sales Conversation.

The words you say – or don’t say – could be the reason they walk away or look for help elsewhere. Read on to ensure you’re not making these mistakes.

#1. Going into too much detail. If you go on and on about the process you use to get the results your prospects are looking for, you’re going to overwhelm them. They’ll think there is too much work involved. Make it easy…skip how you do whatever it is you do (I call it your magic), and share the outcome – the benefits they’ll receive from working with you.

#2. Not offering the right program to your prospect. There is nothing that shows you haven’t listened more than trying to “sell” something your prospect doesn’t want or need. Be sure to listen intently on what it is they are really looking for and offer the right solution that fits that need. And if it is not working with you, be up front and let them know…they’ll respect you more for it.

#3. Giving too many options. When you give too many choices, you’re leading the way to confusion…and a confused mind always says no.

#4. Not making an offer. Think about this one…have you had a sales conversation and not asked for the sale? Just sayin’.

#5. Being wishy-washy. When you sound vague about what the next step will be, what their outcome will be, or any number of other things during the sales conversation, you’ll come across as “less than knowledgeable.” People want to work with someone they can trust – and your confidence helps build that trust.

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