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How to Easily Bring New Life to Old Blog Posts

When it comes to blogging, you continually look for new ideas and concepts to write about. And with each new post, your older content is moved down the list in your blog. But it doesn’t have to be forgotten.

Go back to your older blog posts and turn the content into videos and powerful social posts. You can then link these new posts back to your original article or simply let them stand on their own to showcase your expertise in other formats.

Have you written a checklist or list of tips that can stand on their own?

A while back, I wrote 28 Tips to Cure Unresponsive Marketing Content (notice how I linked back to an older post – and it’s a great read). As the title says, this article includes 28 tips, and each can be made into a social post and/or a video. If I did both for each tip, that’s nearly three months of social content when posting insights 5 days a week!

When re-using your content, make sure it’s brand worthy:

  • Use consistent colours and fonts to enhance your brand.
  • Include emotionally appealing photos and graphics.
  • Always have good lighting and sound in your videos.
  • Deliver your content in videos with high energy.

Know what style of posts YOUR audience responds to and engage them where THEY are. And by using a graphic design program, such as Canva, you can easily create professional-looking posts yourself for free.

Don’t let your older blog posts go stagnant. You’ve already done the hard work. So, if the information is still relevant, give it new life and share it.

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