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28 Tips to Cure Unresponsive Marketing Content

When it comes to marketing, you may have wondered why your efforts have fallen flat. Often, the answer has more to do with what you say and not with where you’re saying it. The good news, it can easily be fixed.

Your first step is to be open. Read your content from the perspective of your customer, as if you don’t know anything about your business. It may not be easy, but it’s vital to get into their mindset.

Then read every page of your website. It may be helpful to read it out loud. Look at your social profiles. Review all marketing collateral. And consider the following tips to ensure you have a client-attraction message that is clear, compelling, and converts.

  1. Understand the issues your audience is struggling with regarding your products/services.
  2. Tap into their emotional triggers – their fears, frustrations, and concerns.
  3. Focus on results and outcomes.
  4. Answer all questions and objections.
  5. Share customer experience stories.
  6. Define your position and point of differentiation in a way that is meaningful to your customers.
  7. Include an irresistible offer that sells itself.
  8. Limit the words “we” and “our” – use “you” and “your” instead.
  9. Your headline must grab attention, communicate a strong benefit, select the right audience, and answer the question, “What’s in it for me.”
  10. Include engaging keyword-rich subheadings to break up the visual space, so your content is easier to read.
  11. Cut unnecessary adjectives, adverbs, repetitions, and meaningless words to improve the flow and impact of your content.
  12. Use short words, short sentences, and short paragraphs.
  13. Eliminate overused platitudes, such as “We offer great service” or “We have the best products.”
  14. Add keywords that are optimized for search engines and speak the same language as your prospects.
  15. Be specific (people love numbers). Instead of saying you’ve helped hundreds of people, be exact. Say your product has changed the lives of 685 people and counting.
  16. Write directly to one person (remember, only one person is reading your stuff at a time).
  17. Use informal, conversational-style language.
  18. Ensure the “voice” of your content fits your brand.
  19. Add bullets and charts for emphasis.
  20. Photographs and images should work in harmony with the content.
  21. Include marketing-driven testimonials that share outcomes and sell you/your product.
  22. Tap into the ultimate benefits customers gain.
  23. Build trust and confidence with your content.
  24. Offer a specific, low-risk easy-to-take action that helps prospects take the next step.
  25. Share your story and the story behind your brand.
  26. Make it easy for customers to contact you and buy from you.
  27. Include video and shareable social links.
  28. Consistency is key. Continually add new content and resources to your website.

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