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3 Strategies To Stand Apart From Your Competition

There may be many businesses offering the same products, the same services…and using the same spiel as you’ve been using to attract new customers – but when it comes right down to it, you know you’re offering a superior option but sales don’t show it.

A while back, I asked one of my clients what their competitors were saying to get clients. He told me they always promoted “on-time delivery” and “quality products” the same as they did. But, he said, “They don’t come through on their promises! We usually end up fixing their products because they break down.”

So my client may get the sales eventually, but he brought me in to figure out how to cut through the confusion of marketing messages and land the client from the get-go.

You may have a similar issue in your business. What you say and what your competition is saying maybe the same thing…so no one stands out. Your buyers believe everything is equal so it comes down to “the best price” and you don’t want to compete on price. You’re worth more than that!

So how do you stand out? What makes you different? Here are 3 strategies you can put to work immediately to find out what sets you apart.

#1 Ask your clients!
It sounds simple, and it is. All you have to do is ask your customers why they buy from you. You may be surprised at the answers – or inspired – or completely astounded by what you hear. In fact, your customers’ answers could be the basis of your next marketing campaign.

#2 Look at your process.
How you do whatever it is you do – your system – makes you different. If you’re a wellness coach, you take your clients through a series of steps to wellness. If you’re a manufacturer, you take your product through a series of steps to ensure the product meets a specific standard. Give that system or process a name (that’s what we did with the client I mentioned earlier). You then market that proprietary system – not the “on-time delivery” or “quality products” (those are platitudes you never want to use).

#3 Position yourself as the expert!
Be seen. Be heard. Become the go-to person for your industry. This may mean speaking at events to uplevel your profile or create your own events to share your knowledge. Be published in trade magazines. Give away your knowledge (an irresistible offer) on your Web site. This could be a free downloadable report, video, audio…whatever your prospects are eager to get. And show proof of your ability throughout your Web site with testimonials and customer stories.

Now’s the time to take action! Apply all three strategies to your next marketing campaign and you’ll soon see how you stand out from the crowd.

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