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You Want To Market Your Uniqueness…But What Is It?

Clients have said they want me to “think outside the box” and market their uniqueness – but they have no idea what makes them stand apart from their competitors. They know their customers are happy but they don’t have a good grasp on what they are doing to earn their repeat business.

So how do you find the basis for a new marketing campaign that really makes you stand out from the crowd? It’s simple…ask your current customers.

You can either mail a short survey letter through the post office and perhaps offer a free giveaway if they drop it off within a particular time period, or send them an email survey from It’s quick and it’s free.

Think of a few short questions that don’t take a lot of time to answer, such as:

  1. Approximately how often do you visit ABC Store?
  2. How helpful do you find the staff at ABC Store?
  3. Describe your best experience at ABC Store?
  4. What is the main reason you return to shop at ABC Store?
  5. Would you recommend ABC Store to your friends and family?

Don’t forget to ask permission to use their comments, along with their full name, as a testimonial on your Web site or in brochures. In this way, you’re not only getting the basis for a new marketing campaign, you’re getting testimonials to prove how well you do business.

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