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What’s the Point?

The next time you sit down to write a marketing message I want you to stop for a moment and think about what you want to accomplish. Consider these two questions:

What do you want your clever message to do?

How/where am I delivering this message?

Now you may think this sounds simple but I’m astounded at the promotions (or lack of promotion) I’ve read lately. Some are simply a list of products with no clear indication on why I would want them or how to get them. But the other day, I saw something that topped the list of marketing blunders.

I was driving through a quaint street and saw an interesting storefront with large windows on either side of an inviting doorway. There was ample free parking. I looked up at the store signage and in big bold letters it said, “Visit us at (I don’t recall the store name and wouldn’t include it here anyway).

Instead of encouraging me to stop, come in, and shop…they were telling me to keep driving and go to their Web site! Unless their retail store was only for show and they sold everything online, what was the point?

Yes a good Web site is imperative for your business. But remember it is a “method” of getting people to buy your products/services. In the case of a retail store…it should be driving traffic – to the store – not the other way around. If the proprietors were thinking they could use their Web site to let customers know about upcoming sales (which is a great idea), tell customers when they are in front of you. In this case, the point is to get people inside.

If you have a storefront and want people to come in, make sure your sign welcomes them and isn’t telling them to go somewhere else.

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