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What’s Newsworthy in Your Business?

So, you want to be tomorrow’s headliner. Every day, you’re working in your business dealing with clients, selling products or services, and it seems to be the “same old same old.” Things are going okay, but there’s nothing new to report. Nothing exciting going on! How are you supposed to get in the news?

That’s the big question…how do you find an angle that grabs attention and makes you stand apart? How do you find an idea that will get you free publicity?

To uncover the newsworthiness in your business, think about your ideal customer – your target market. Put yourself in his or her shoes and ask:

  • What would make me excited?
  • What would make me want to learn more?

Then spin an angle that editors will respond to. But remember, you’re pitching a story idea – not an advertisement.

When you think about the stories you read in the newspaper, what is it that captures your attention? What makes it interesting for you?

Now turn that thought process inward. What is it about you or your business that would be of interest to others?

The juiciest idea may be in the details. For example, have you ever read a story about someone who graduated from high school? Probably not. It’s common…but if that person was a senior citizen or has suffered a major trauma, think of the spin that would place on the story. A story is enhanced if it contains an oddity or conflict. Look for the human interest value such as children, family, animals, diverting crisis. Here are a few ideas to get the ideas spinning.

  • Is there anything interesting in your background that you can tie in?
  • Trips you have taken that have added value to your services? For example a life coach that has backpacked around the globe, studied with Buddhist Monks, swam with the sharks, and discovered the importance of living in harmony with nature has a unique story to spin on helping clients find inner peace.
  • Can you tie your expertise in to a world trend?
  • What’s happening in the world around you, and how does it affect your customers?
  • Human interest aspects can be used to spark interest. This could include the struggle and the victory of developing a new product or event. And the people behind the scenes can be instrumental in capturing emotion and attention.

Remember you’re not creating an advertisement; your story needs to be a newsworthy account about you or your company and of interest to the readers. The right angle should be both timely and entertaining.

If you think of a good twist that you think may be interesting, test it. Ask your clients…if they want to hear more, you know you’re on to a winner.

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