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Using Stories to Market Your Business

Humans are naturally captivated by stories. Whether you’re reading a great novel, watching a television sitcom, or being pulled into a dramatic movie, you’re able to quickly connect with the story and are drawn into its message.

The same goes for stories when it comes to your marketing messages. Good stories touch both the emotional and the logical parts of the brain and can convince the reader that what you’re offering is the perfect choice for their needs – especially if your potential clients can see themselves in your story.

Sharing your story – storytelling – is an authentic way to share your brand message. Here are a few story ideas you can share to market your business:

  • A transformation story – how your customer overcame all the odds because she used your services and finally, was living the life of her dreams.
  • A community story – how you and your business have created a positive impact in your area.
  • Your operations story – shows how you create, deliver, and outshine in a way that telling straight facts about your business could never match.
  • Your personal story – how you came to be where you are today and why you are the ideal choice to buy from.

So instead of “telling” your message, “show” them your story. It’s authentic…and believable.

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