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The No.1 Reason Why Your Advertisement Failed

Many entrepreneurs spend days and days writing the content for their new marketing promotions. Whether they’re selling a coaching program or an innovative widget, it takes time to find the right words that creates impact and encourages their audience to pull out their wallets.

Usually, they know and understand their target market. Hopefully, they share the features but emphasize the ultimate benefits of why their “thing” is vital to have. And of course, they must show their credibility and weave in an emotional element to ensure the reader actually reads to the end.

By the time they’re finished crafting this piece of art, they’re eager to send it out. So they slap on a title, sit back, and wait for the sales to roll in…but nothing happens.

The problem: They’ve neglected to write a compelling headline.

The result: No one reads the wonderful advertisement they’ve written because they weren’t enticed to, which results in little or no sales.

Your headline packs the power to attract a reader (aka potential customer) or let them slip on by.

A good headline:

  • Helps select your best prospects.
  • Motivates action by stirring an emotion.
  • Appeals to the prospect’s self-interest.
  • Communicates the strongest benefit.
  • Delivers a clear and understandable message.
  • Usually answers the question “what’s in it for me.”
  • Pulls your reader into the body of your message.
  • Sets the tone for the offer.

The difference between a good headline and a feeble headline is success or failure. It doesn’t matter how good your advertisement is if it doesn’t get read.

Before you begin writing a word of your promotional content, write at least 50 headlines. Yes, this takes time but the results are worth it. Once you’ve put effort into writing a fabulous headline, the content nearly writes itself.

And finally, test your headline. Send out a promo with your best headline and see the results. Then send out a second promo with a different headline. Track which has the best response. Your “best” headline may surprise you…a twist of the words could change the way you do business.

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