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Please Stop Doing This On LinkedIn

When you meet someone for the first time, say at a networking event, would you introduce yourself and immediately ask a stranger to buy your stuff?

Well, I hope you’re thinking how weird that would be. And if it happened, you’d probably disengage as fast as possible to work your way around the room in hopes of meeting someone a little more rational.

So why, I wonder, do professionals think it’s okay to ask you to connect on LinkedIn and then immediately send you a message asking you to buy their stuff? A little rant here.

This is happening more and more often – even with the multitude of articles and posts that say DON’T DO THIS! LinkedIn is not about selling! It’s about relationship building.

Why on earth do you think I should send you a “few days and times that are good for my schedule” so you can show me how to make additional income? I don’t know you. I don’t know anything about you.

One message I received in response to my “not interested” reply actually said: “Well, I was hoping to sell you on our done-for-you services for these platforms. I’d be happy to make a 50% introductory discount.” The funny thing was that this was about a service for writing articles. I’m a writer! They obviously didn’t do their research.

It’s essential to reach out and connect with others on LinkedIn to expand your network. The rewards are great, but it takes time. To do that, consider these options:

  • Share your expertise by posting great articles, newsletters, videos, short story posts, documents, etc.
  • Repost other people’s content.
  • Ask questions and engage with others.
  • Comment on other posts to get the conversation going.
  • Give referrals.

Whether networking in person or on LinkedIn, your goal is to build relationships. Don’t sell when you first “meet” someone. Rant over.

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