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Making Time For Business Growth

If you want to grow your business, you have to do things differently – that means changing the “habits” you’ve created along the way that have kept you where you are today.

For years, I knew I wanted to write an ebook to sell online, but I kept putting it off as client work always came first. I never found the time to write my own book, until I decided to make the time.

What new programs, products, workshops, etc. do you want to create…but haven’t gotten around to yet? Or perhaps, you’re struggling to stay on top of your daily work – and can’t even consider adding more to the mix. But think of it this way, if you want to get ahead, it’s up to you to make the necessary changes that get you ahead.

Here are a few time management tips to get you headed in the right direction:

1. Record everything you do in a day. Then take a look at how much time has been spent without producing results (precious time wasted) and what tasks could be delegated (your bookkeeping, for example, or administration tasks).

2. Get a one year “at a glance” calendar that you can tack to the wall. I love the write on/wipe off calendars available at Staples. Schedule your holidays first, then your bigger activities. I mark off days I’ll spend copywriting for large projects, speaking engagements, workshops, etc. so when a new client calls, I can easily see when I’m available for the next big assignment.

3. Take time late Friday afternoon or first thing Monday morning to plan the week ahead. Schedule your week into tasks that:

a. Earns money (client work – approximately 60% of your time).
b. Makes money (client attraction – networking, blogging, marketing, creating new products, programs, etc.).
c. Gives back – approximately 10% of your time.

4. Use to-do lists and a workable day planner to schedule the week. Be sure to include time for interruptions because you know they will happen.

5. Know what you want to achieve before starting each task. If it’s to write a blog post in the next 60 minutes, be sure you have the concept for the article ready to go. Keep a list of sample articles on hand for inspiration.

6. Create deadlines and meet them. This may take discipline but it helps to get the job done. Once I set a deadline to write my ebook, I became my own client and scheduled new customers accordingly.

7. Focus. Focus. Focus. Multi-tasking does not work. Turn off the phone and email and get the task at hand done. Schedule time between tasks to catch up on calls and email.

8. Learn to say “NO.” It’s easier than you think and can be so liberating. And remember, just as you do not have to give an explanation as to why you CAN to do something, you do not have to give an explanation as to why you choose not to.

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