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Is Your Free Giveaway Costing You Sales?

Having a free report, ebook, audio recording (CD or MP3), start-up kit, etc. is a fabulous way to give a “taste” of you to potential clients. But if you’re getting people to sign up for your freebie and then you don’t ever hear from them again, it’s time to take a hard look at what you’re giving away.

This giveaway is often the first impression of your service. You see them everywhere online: “Claim your free guide to…” or “Get your free report that will…” and often includes a subscription to an electronic newsletter or ezine (a great way to stay in touch). These freebies are invaluable to share your expertise without any risk on the prospect’s part. But here are a few points to consider so you don’t miss the mark.

  • Is the giveaway presented professionally? Does it exude top-notch quality in design and layout?
  • Is the content new and informative?
  • Are you only providing a promo piece (in other words a blatant advertisement for your services) or will the reader be able to use the information in some way?
  • Is it easy to understand? Consider that your reader may not be familiar with the lingo of your industry.
  • Do you have a follow up system to share more information and lead the prospect to make a decision that working with you is a priority?

When your giveaway is read – or listened to – they should say “wow…this free information is so great I can’t wait to see what I’ll get when I work with her.”

So, check your numbers. How many people have received your giveaway and what is the sales conversion? If the number is low, take a hard look at their first impression of you. And if you aren’t giving anything away…now is the time to start.

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