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How You Can Get Free Publicity For Your Business During The Holidays

Many business owners believe that Christmas and summer months are the seasons when most people avoid newspapers and business magazines. Everyone is away or too busy – therefore it’s not the time to send a media release out to editors and radio/television producers. But they’re wrong.

This is the perfect time to take advantage of other people’s incorrect notions and get you and your business in the news!

Editors are always hungry for “good” stories – any time of the year. They need to fill space…and if they aren’t receiving the typical number of media releases during the summer months or at Christmas, this is your opportunity to stand out and grab their attention.

So, send a newsworthy media release this holiday season between Christmas and New Year’s…and fingers crossed you’ll have a story written about you in the new year!

Here are a few hints to help you land that story.

  • Create a newsworthy story that is of interest to editors and their audience. Think about why they would want to read this piece.
  • Keep to one theme or point. You may be offering many services, but what is the one you want in the news today. (Remember, you can write another media release later.)
  • Send it out to appropriate media. There is no use sending out a media release about your wellness coaching practice to the editor of a home building magazine (unless you slant it about creating a home office when building a new house).
  • Write a great media release. It’s written differently than an article and there is a specific format to use. If you’re not sure how to do this, do your research so you don’t look like an amateur. (Check out
  • Follow up. Things happen…emails get misdirected, faxes get lost. Make sure your media release was received and ask if they have any questions. Do not ask if they are going to do a story about you!
  • When a story comes out in the media about you, buy many copies and send them to all your prospects who are away on holidays…and be sure to thank the editor and the writer. You’ll stand out and perhaps be remembered the next time they need a quote or insider information on another story about your industry.

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