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How To Find Inspiration To Promote Your Brand Differently

When I begin working on content for new clients, I do what every competent copywriter does and I check out the competition’s Web sites. And when speaking with a graphic designer recently, I discovered she does the same thing.

This is not to copy or steal ideas – instead, it’s a great launching point for something new and different. Sometimes, one word will give me an idea for a new slant than what I had been considering.

Do this yourself. Check out your competition, both locally and internationally.

  • Search for similar businesses in a variety of cities globally to spark new ideas for how you see yourself. What are they doing extra that you could possibly add to create a WOW customer experience?
  • See what they’re selling and what they’re saying about their offerings.
  • How are they standing out from all the others? What additional value do they offer?

The last thing you want to do is sound (or look) like everyone else. You want your brand to shine – to stand out. And you may be surprised and how many other businesses within your industry do not take the time to stand apart. I always find this process fascinating and I’m continually astounded at the number of boring Web sites that say the same thing. Often, they repeat the same meaningless platitudes:

  • Exceptional customer service.
  • On time delivery.
  • We care.
  • Our customers are our priority.
  • Best price.

You know what I’m talking about…and if you have any of these overused clichés in your content, delete them now. Instead, talk about what makes your products and services special or how you put your customers first.

Share the answer to the big question: “Why you?”

  • What’s your story?
  • How does your story relate to what you’re selling?
  • What makes you different from everyone else?
  • What do you deliver that know one else does?

When you write the content for your Web site, be sure to connect with your prospect. Take the first steps to establishing a relationship – tell a story. When you share YOUR story, the competition won’t be able to come close to copying you because no one else can share the same story.

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