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Getting your [three] dots in a row…

An ellipsis is three dots that indicate a break in thought or words that you’ve purposely omitted in the middle of a sentence.

The best advice…is tried and true. Instead of The best advice used for decades is tried and true.

It can also be used to indicate uncertainty or an abrupt change in thought.

Is his office messy…or organized in a creative way?

If you want to emphasize a deliberate trailing off, end the sentence with a space, then the three dots.

For a limited time only…

Use four dots to indicate that words have been omitted at the end of a sentence — the first dot is the period for the sentence.

“I’ve found the answer….” Instead of “I’ve found the answer to our problem.”

You’ve probably noticed some writers who get carried away and add five, ten, or more dots as they believe it adds emphasis. Don’t do it…unless you want to look like an amateur.

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