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Get Your Message To Prospects Without Breaking CASL Rules

With Canada’s new Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL), it’s hard for some businesses to get their message in front of new prospects – but it doesn’t have to be.

It’s true; you can’t email a commercial message without permission. But you can mail a letter – the old fashioned way – through Canada Post.

Marketing letters have never gone out of style. When everyone’s inbox is cluttered with unsolicited messages, mailing a letter stands out – but only if you do it properly.

These 6 tips will ensure your letter not only gets opened, but it will get read.

#1 Know the decision maker.
A letter mailed to “whom it may concern” is sure to hit the trash without a second glance. Find out who makes the buying decisions when it comes to your products or services. Address the letter to that individual – and handwrite the envelope to make it more personal. And remember, the quality of your stationery reflects the quality of your professionalism.

#2 Keep it short.
The first glance will make or break your success rate. If you’ve filled the page with content, it will be set aside – perhaps with the intention to be read later, which often never happens. Instead, keep to 4 or 5 short paragraphs. Use short sentences. If you have a choice between a long word and a short word, use the shorter word. Lots of white space gives the impression of a quick read.

#3 Hook the reader in the first sentence.
Grab the reader’s attention immediately. That means speaking directly to the reader (not the entire industry) as if you’re having a conversation. What is his or her big problem that your product/service can solve? Tap into the reader’s issues so he or she knows you understand the issues.

#4 Why you?
In one paragraph, share why you’re the answer he’s been looking for. You’re not writing a book here and you’re ONLY selling yourself – not your products/services. Don’t talk prices and don’t make an offer “he can’t refuse.”

#5 Call to action.
Let her know the next step…and that should be that you’ll call her to set a time to meet or speak further. Add a benefit sentence. Don’t ask her to call you – she won’t. It’s up to you to follow up.

#6 Edit. Edit. Edit.
When you’ve finished writing, read your letter out loud and check for spelling and grammatical errors. Make sure there is only one point to your letter and that point is clear. A well-polished letter could lead your business to new opportunities.

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