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Easily Open The Door To New Opportunities For Your Business

Have you considered opening the door to new opportunities this year? Or perhaps a new audience? Imagine if you could do both – extremely easily – without having to re-invent what you’re already doing.

As an entrepreneur or sales leader, it’s in your nature to continually learn, evolve, and be flexible. So, you’re always looking to advance what you’re doing and what you’re offering – you know, the next great thing.

But what if you took a moment to step back and think about where you started and all that you had to learn to get to where you are today. How did you start? What exactly did you have to learn?

A couple of years ago, I received a call from an educational organization asking me to teach their high-level administration staff the basics of writing good reports and letters – letters that would get a response.

As I went through the points I could share, I admit that I was shaking my head and thinking this is pretty basic: know your audience, impactful openings, editing, skimmability, call to action, etc.

I had the fleeting thought that these executives would know all this but then considered all the other things in their daily workload. And I knew I could simplify this part of their job. After all, not everyone loves to write as I do.

I had a lot to learn when I started my journey as a copywriter and marketing coach more than two decades ago. And I never stopped learning because the marketing world (and technology) continually changes. But here was a fresh opportunity to create a fun workshop – and a new client with ongoing training potential.

I asked many questions to discover precisely what each attendee wanted from the workshop, and it turned out that it really was the basics. Plus, the changes to gender-neutral communications had to be included.

The result was a powerful in-person workshop, which led to private coaching over two days (think back-to-back individual one-hour sessions where I helped each of them with their unique concerns).

After sharing this experience with a friend, I was brought into an organization she worked with and did it all over again. A new workshop that only required a few minor tweaks to customize it to their team – so another new audience.

As you move forward in life and business, it’s always a good idea to look back once in a while and see how far you’ve come. And what can you do with that knowledge to create new opportunities today? You may open the door to new possibilities.

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