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Are You Influencing a Positive or Negative Response?

Your thoughts. Your words. Your actions. Combined, they create an impression that can have a negative influence or a positive influence on the world around you. How well you listen and re-act will make the difference between getting the sale or turning off the buyer, perhaps for good.

When I was approached recently, through a Facebook direct message, to set a time to meet, I responded by asking the person to either call me or email and gave contacts for both. The response was another Facebook direct message. Repeated requests to phone or email me went unheeded…leaving me feeling frustrated and annoyed. And when I finally gave in and set a time to talk on the phone, in response to yet another Facebook message, that time came and went without a call (or Facebook message) and without an apology. I’m sure you can guess the impression I received!

While out networking, has one of your new contacts mentioned she prefers email communications only? Did you then phone because that’s your preference? It takes only a moment of time to pay attention and let your actions prove you listened and you care…send that email because that is what the other person prefers.

If you want to connect on a deeper level and influence your prospects to listen – and to buy from you – you need to really listen so you understand their problems and then show how you can help. By engaging them and creating an emotional connection, you are influencing them to find out more about you…and to buy from you.

Influence can elevate your business…and make a difference in your life and the life of others.

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