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7 Areas To Check When Your Info Product Does Not Sell

It’s not what you want to discover after you’ve spent days – weeks even – creating a new info product and it’s simply not selling. Before you throw in the towel, check out these 7 areas.

#1 Keywords

Is your product easily found? Your product solves a problem. If you had this problem, what keywords would you type into Google to find the solution? Check it out; do you come up? If not, who does come up? Your competitors or something completely off target? Ensure the words and phrases people are actively using to search for your products are integrated naturally into the content.

#2 Shopping Cart

Is your shopping cart working…and is it easy to buy in only one or two clicks? Have you offered free shipping or clearly shown the shipping costs, if any?

#3 Content

Do your headline, sub-headline, and opening paragraph grab your reader’s attention and let them know they are in the right place? Or is it boring and vague? Have you included what the product is, how it can be the solution to their problem, and why you? Are you attracting the right audience?

#4 Call to Action

Have you asked them to buy? Is there a clear call to action that says, “Buy Now”?

#5 Price

Is your price too high or too low? You may have to do some testing here and perhaps add an introductory incentive and/or payment options. Research the market for similar products and find out where you fit in.

#6 Guarantee

Do you clearly state your guarantee so your audience is not left wondering what to do if less than satisfied?

#7 Your Product

Yes, it could come down to your product. Have you shown an image? Does it look professional? Have you clearly stated the value of the product – how it can benefit the reader? Are you giving your audience something they are actively looking for? Is it delivered in a format they want?


Is your contact information clearly shown, that is, your complete mailing address, phone number, and email address. It’s reassuring to know who to contact – and how – if any problem should arise.

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