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6 Essential Questions To Ask Before Jumping Into A New Opportunity

Recently, I was asked if I could help a person with her creative writing. She was definitely interested in the Retreat I was offering next year (she had missed the one I just ran) but wanted help now.

The question caught me by surprise as this is not something I normally offer, even though I designed and taught a Creative Writing program at our local college several years ago. I had to think this through and get back to her.

Often, as entrepreneurs and business owners we have new opportunities presented to us. Many are an easy “no” as they don’t fit our business model (think of someone approaching you to sell the latest health supplements when you sell car tires). You know what I mean – there is no shortage of opportunities that come your way.

But the idea of creating this program was exciting for me…and it did align well with the Retreat I offer.

So, I considered how I would deliver the program, how much of my time would be involved so she gets the most value from it, what I would include, how long the program would be, and finally, how much it would cost.

It didn’t take me long to figure this all out and I was excited. So I called her back and went over the details and she said “yes.” Wow!

The one thing I did not do was any actual work on creating any of the 9 lessons and assignments I would be giving – because if she said, “no,” it would have been a total waste of time.

When you’re given an opportunity and not sure if you should make the leap to join, participate, create, or whatever, ask yourself the following six questions. I was given these questions from a former coach and they have helped me many times over the years. Just remember to answer them honestly.

  1. Will this drain me?
  2. Will this overwhelm me?
  3. Will this produce energy for me?
  4. Do I really have time right now to do this justice?
  5. How do I feel with this? Am I at peace with it?
  6. Will this bring me joy?

If even one of your answers is not a positive fit for you at the moment, don’t do it.

With my new Creative Writing program, the stars were obviously in alignment as it flowed easily. And as I knew one person wanted it, I posted it on social media and turns out a lot of other folks were also interested. A win-win for everyone.

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