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5 Steps To Get Your Marketing Message Read

Do you procrastinate writing a blog post, direct mail piece, or marketing letter because you don’t know what to say? Or perhaps, you have an idea about the content but you can’t figure out how to get started.

Everything you write has a purpose. Your objective could be to entice your readers to take a particular action or maybe you’re sharing information that could make a difference in their life. Follow these steps to make writing simple to start and quick to finish.

Step 1: Know who is reading your message. How much do they need to know – or care to know – about your subject? This information will determine the style of writing (conversational or technical, for example) and how much detail to include (how much time do they have to read your message).

Step 2: What is the purpose of your correspondence? Write a clear statement of why you are writing, or the outcome you hope to achieve before you begin writing the content.

Step 3: What information does your reader need to know to make a decision? Be aware of any questions that will come to mind and explain the issue or situation clearly. Supply the answers so they aren’t left confused. It may help to write out all the questions you hear from your clients on the subject before you write the first word.

Step 4: What is the expectation for your message? What do you want to happen next? If they should go somewhere to find more information, give them a link. If you want them to take action, what’s the next step and how do they take it?

Step 5: Review and revise. Does your message connect with your audience? Is it logical? Are your words clear and concise? Check for spelling, punctuation, and grammar.

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