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10 Content Creation Strategies to Elevate Engagement

As a marketer and blogger, you know that writing content that resonates with your audience is vital to building a loyal readership. Obviously, your topic must interest them, but you’ll elevate your engagement by writing in a conversational tone.

Your content should read like you’re chatting with a friend over a cup of coffee. Here are ten tips to help you use conversational content in your blog posts and ensure you become more memorable.

  1. Use personal anecdotes to draw your readers into your story. When you share your own experiences, you create a sense of authenticity and establish a personal connection with your reader. Plus, anecdotes can be a powerful way to illustrate your point.
  1. Use contractions, such as “you’re” and “they’re,” instead of “you are” and “they are.” Contractions make your writing feel more casual and approachable, which can help you connect with your readers.
  1. Write directly to your reader. That’s one person. Rarely would there be a group surrounding a computer reading your wise words – it’s one person. Address that person using words like “you” and “your” to create a sense of intimacy and make your content more relatable and relevant to their lives.
  1. Sprinkling in bits of humour can create a sense of levity and make your content more enjoyable to read.
  1. Incorporate pop culture references, such as movies, songs, or celebrity personalities, to make your posts feel current and relevant and, perhaps, share your interests and personality.
  1. Use conversational language, such as “I mean,” “well,” and “you know” to create a natural and authentic voice. In other words, write how you talk without the ums and ahs.  
  1. Express your opinions and beliefs to establish yourself as an authority on the subject.
  1. Use metaphors, analogies, and comparisons to explain complex ideas in a way that is easy to understand. A great place to find useful comparisons is The Measure of Things.
  1. Use inclusive language, such as gender-neutral pronouns, to acknowledge and respect the diversity of your audience and establish a sense of trust and empathy with your readers.
  1. Encourage feedback. Invite your readers to share their own experiences, to create a sense of community and engage further.

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