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What if you could:

  • Tap into fresh ideas and new opportunities for your business?
  • Gain a greater perspective about how others perceive your offerings?
  • Ignite your creative juices to market your products and services with ease?
  • Accelerate your profits with clear, actionable steps that make sense for you and your business?

This is your opportunity to RE-IMAGINE and ACCELERATE your BRAND FUTURE. When you put your head together with like-minded entrepreneurs to ignite your creative juices you'll be amazed at the creativity, ideas, insights, clarity, focus...and actionable steps that flow.

I'd like to invite you to join me with a very small group of your peers. And yes, I do mean a small group!

Maximum of 7 participants so we can focus on you and your specific business needs!

In these sessions, we're going to look at where you're at in business and your goals for growth...and we'll focus on whatever area you need help with now. We could:

  • Uncover ideas for new offerings to share with your ideal clients.
  • Decide on the best format options for the delivery of each idea.
  • Draft your sales funnel to boost your cash flow.
  • Tap into your marketing stories and learn how to use them to attract YOUR ideal clients.
  • Discover how to make your story captivating and motivate readers/viewers to take action.
  • Create a new lead generation system to attract QUALIFIED leads.

The power of the mastermind is incredible – not only do we work on your business as a group but you'll also learn from the strategies shared by others.

For each Acceleration Lab, I'll share insights and strategies on a specific topic. Then you'll have ample time in the spotlight to work on YOUR business with the help of the group.

Upcoming Virtual Acceleration Labs

Friday, January 15, 2021
Session #1 9:00AM - 11:30AM  |  Session #2 12:30PM - 3:00PM

FOCUS: Master Your Business Breakthrough Goals
This is your time to think big and play bigger in your business. We’ll break down your goals into achievable action steps with timelines to create your blueprint for success for 2021. I'll go through my 4 strategies to ensure you stay on track and achieve all your goals.

BONUS: Recorded Webinar filled with content to help you prepare and make the most of this Acceleration Lab. These include my 4 strategies to help you stay on track and achieve your goals and my weekly planner template. (You'll receive this January 8th.)

$197.00 + HST


Friday, April 16, 2021
Session #1 9:00AM - 11:30AM  |  Session #2 12:30PM - 3:00PM

FOCUS: Your Marketing Makeover
During our two virtual sessions, we’ll take a hard look at the way you’ve been showcasing your brand (online and offline) then delve into persuasive writing techniques that will transform your message to connect and engage your ideal target market.

BONUS: Recorded Webinar to help you prepare and make the most of this Acceleration Lab. Content includes my 7 steps for a marketing makeover and the persuasive marketing fundamentals to help you grab and hold your reader’s attention, drive traffic, and maximize conversions. (You'll receive this September 11.)

$197.00 + HST



$294.00 + HST

Limited to only 7 SEATS per Acceleration Lab!

Hosted virtually via Zoom.

In past Acceleration Labs, several issues and insights came up during our sessions. Take a look...

Issues that came up:

  • Help me navigate social media in a comfortable way.
  • How can I be authentic and share it?
  • I need more events planned and scheduled for next year.
  • How to reconnect with existing clients.
  • Unsure how to communicate without feeling like I'm selling.
  • No clear direction and focus on business growth.
  • No idea how to price offerings.
  • Wants to create packages but doesn't know how to begin.
  • Needs clarity on how to market better.
  • Small list.
  • Giving away too much.
  • Sales conversations aren't working.
  • Needs new solutions to expand the business to double income.
  • How to deal with procrastination.
  • How to close the sale.
  • Not understanding how I stand out from everyone else doing the same thing - the "why me" piece.
  • How to get in front of a particular audience - and stay there!
  • My business name does not reflect all I do...but I've invested too much to change it.

By the end of our sessions, there were several aha's:

  • It's not scary being on social media when you know how to navigate it.
  • You showed me I am bold!
  • I now have a social media strategy that is simple!
  • I have a very big "to do" list of amazing, dynamic things and I am SO excited to implement them!
  • Stop thinking and start doing!
  • Realized I needed to dig deeper and be curious - the problem may not be what it seems.
  • I've prioritized my goals and working on #1.
  • Thrilled to have 6 months of events scheduled.
  • New opportunities with new markets I had not previously considered. Wow!
  • Clarity on what to include in a promotional video and my key messages.
  • How to find new prospects and ask for the business.
  • How to use my passion to help others.
  • How to tighten my opt-in process and build my list.
  • My passion does not have to be life long – it can be for a short-term goal and then move on.
  • How to create a system so I'm selective in who and when I give my services for free (for charity) and not feel guilty about saying "no."
  • How to break down the sales conversation process so I'm not wasting time.
  • It's refreshing to be "pushed" out of our comfort zone!
  • It's doable...I've been getting in my own way!
  • How I can "own" the conversation.
  • Share my value!
  • It's possible to make my living doing what I love!
  • Clarity on opt-in, which leads to new packages.
  • How to use mini-stories to get my message across so easily.
  • How to use postcards to follow up effortlessly.

So, what are your issues? Where do you need help to create, market, and deliver new offerings to your clients...and transform your cash flow?

If you want to start generating more cash in your business now, then you definitely want to attend an Acceleration Lab. The ideas you'll get will be invaluable!

This is a virtual event filled with new ideas, ah ha's, laughter, and maybe a few tears.

Comments from a few participants...

My goal was to map out my 2019 workshops/retreat days and mentoring schedule! Mission accomplished.

~ Victoria Meyers Baird


Loved such a powerful day with Susan Regier and some talented businesswomen and friends. Thank you Susan for leading us all through our individual marketing journeys at your impactful Accelerator Lab. My goal for 2019...more exposure; the marketing kind!

~ Camilla Bignell


What a great day! Sooooo many ideas and a plan to implement as well. Thank you everyone and especially Susan Regier.

~ Cathy Brown Swanton


Great Day! I highly recommend taking Susan Regier’s Acceleration Labs. I always leave learning something new. Susan is very attentive and allows everyone to have their time in the spotlight so nobody ever feels left out. Great workshops.

~ Doris Summers


Susan Regier's workshop was indeed an acceleration and a reminder that all of us have so many talents that go untapped until we mobilize and focus our energies. Thanks to Susan and to everyone in the group who, thanks to Susan's super facilitation, we're encouraged to add ideas for each of us.

~ Pauline Duncan-Thrasher