“A comprehensive, yet simple, process...enhanced by well-designed templates and a wealth of resources and information.”

Your Business Will Grow Faster If You're NOT Going It Alone!

You could be offering more of your brilliance to your clients - with less effort - while attracting more of your ideal clients!

This is your invitation to participate in a private one-day intensive where we’ll roll up our sleeves and focus on you, your business, your expertise, your brand, and your brilliance.

The day is tailored to fit your specific needs, including personal branding, client attraction, or creating a comprehensive “Signature System” and packaging what you’re already doing to serve your clients into a myriad of tangible products, services, programs, workshops, and keynotes.

The day could begin with:

  • Your Story
  • Your Goals
  • Your Passions
  • Your Offerings
  • Your Promotions

And by the end of the day, you’ll have a workable action plan for your business plus key marketing messages, pricing strategies, launch dates, and so much more.  Operating and marketing your business will be simplified, streamlined, and highly effective.

  • Gain more confidence, courage, and clarity to step outside your comfort zone.
  • Eliminate overwhelm, confusion, and fear and feel energized, inspired, and excited.
  • You'll leave with action steps and a plan to implement it immediately.

Your VIP Day includes:

  • One-on-One private session from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
  • Pre-day 30 minute telephone call to assess direction for day
  • Pre-day homework to be completed before session
  • Comprehensive resource guide with handouts, check lists, templates, and bonus material as required.
  • Morning coffee/tea service with snacks
  • Nutritious lunch
  • Two 30-minute follow up strategy calls to be used within 14 days

The Private One Day Intensive takes place in St. Joseph, Ontario (between Grand Bend and Bayfield) but arrangements can be made at your location or virtually. 

Whether you realize it or not, you take your clients through a system or process that transforms them from Point A (stuck in their problem) to Point B (where they want to be). They have a problem. You provide the solution that suits your business model and their needs. That's using your brilliance!

For more information and to find out if this program is right for you and your business, please contact me today.